Emir (Native) 

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Çankaya, the favourite white wine of Turkey, is produced from Emir, Narince and Sultana grapes carefully selected from Anatolian vineyards. This elegant, persistent and well balanced white wine is best when served at 6-8° C and matches perfectly with grilled fish, sea food salads, tomato sauced pastas, grilled chicken and fresh cheeses.

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A sparkling white wine with a fresh fruit driven style, which is light and refreshing. Altın Köpük is the first natural sparkling wine of Turkey produced by “Methode de la cuve close” (second fermentation in tank)” from Emir grapes grown in volcanic soil of Cappadocia. After fermentation, the wine is cooled and kept with the lees (élévage sur lies).

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Kayra Buzbağ Series - Buzbağ Narince Emir Two proud Native Turkish grapes blended to create Buzbağ bring the concept to this white blend of Narince and Emir. Each varietal lends itself to the greater whole, the delicate aromas of Narince lift the rich texture of Emir to a greater sensory evolution. 

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