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A dry red wine, made from Kalecik Karası grapes that are indigenous to Anatolia. Ruby in color with garnet reflections. The bouquet is of red fruits: raspberries, cherries and strawberries are interwoven with hints of spices, vanilla and cocoa. On the palate Vinkara Kalecik Karası Reserve is fruitdriven and well-balanced with smooth, soft tannins and a...

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Tugra Kalecik Karasi wine we combined the floral and vivid nature of Ankara Region’s Kalecik Karasi varietals with dark colored, delicate yet fruit forward characteristics of Denizli Region’s Kalecik karasi grapes through a balanced blend.

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A dry red wine made from Kalecik Karası grapes indigenous to Anatolia. Ruby in color with slight garnet reflections. Intense flavors of ripe red fruits, strawberries, raspberries and plum are present on the palate along with spicy notes of black pepper and chestnuts.

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WINEMAKER’S NOTES A rose wine, made from “ Kalecik Karası” grapes indigenous to Anatolia. Imbued with hints of red forest fruits and floral aromas, this wine is fullbodied and has a strong acidity. 

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Doluca DLC Kalecik Karasi  Red cherry, good crispiness, a unique grape that gives this wine a strong personality. Long palate, also due to the lively tannins typical of this grape..

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