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DIREN COLLECTION SERIES - NARINCE This wine is made from a local grape, Narince, grown in the Tokat region. This wine has a delicate structure with freshness and fruitiness, citrus flavours balanced by a hint of wood. Best served at 8° - 10° degrees. Matches well with all kinds of grilled, panned and steamed fishes, sea foods and cheeses.

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DIREN VADI - WHITE A semi-sweet wine produced from the Narince & Gewurztraminer grapes. a good balance of acidity, sugar and freshness makes this wine a sweet fruitful interesting challenge for oriental foods, blue cheeses and spicy meals. Recommended to be served at 6 - 8 degrees.

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For the first time in Turkey, the traditional method was used to produce Yaşasın, a sparkling wine. The other special characteristic of this sparkling wine is that Kalecik Karası grapes, a major grape harvested in the Anatolian region, were processed (Blanc de noir or white from black – a wine produced entirely from black grapes) to produce Yaşasın. 

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The first Rose natural sparkling wine produced in Turkey using the "traditional method", the preferred method for producing top quality sparkling wines worldwide, using Kalecik Karası grapes, a native varietal harvested in the Kalecik region.

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